Machine Analytics via IoT & MQTT



Machine Performance

Using our own MQTT Reporting Service SaTcReport anyone can quickly configure data to be published to the Cloud from any TwinCAT or Modbus device.

A free sample Client application (including source code) is available to demonstrate how to access your data.   Further Client development is available.

Data such as machine running time, pieces produced and energy used and be combined to give you a precise view of how your production lines are performing.

We have worked together with Limegreen Software to produce Obsis BI. Obsis is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to configure user base dashboards to display, view and analyse your data. Visit for further information.

Preventative Maintenance

Using high precision measurement technology small changes in the mechanics of machines can be detected and reported. This could be a failing bearing or build-up of foreign objects resulting in a motor becoming overloaded. The early detection of this can save thousands of pounds in downtime.

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